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Our approach to sustainability

At Cumulus Estate Wines, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.
In 2009, we developed an environmental policy to help ensure the conservation of our land on a long-term basis.

Some of the sustainable operations in our vineyard that we carry out today include:

  • Introducing multi-row and multi-function technology to reduce carbon emissions and soil compaction.
  • Careful monitoring of soil chemistry and soil moisture to ensure the measured and targeted application of water and micronutrients.
  • Maintenance of mid-row vegetation to improve soil health and reduce the need for irrigation.
  • Letting sheep graze in the vineyard during the winter months for weed control and vineyard mowing.
  • Careful vineyard monitoring for pest and diseases to reduce our reliance on agrochemicals.
  • Using cultural canopy management techniques such as shoot thinning, leaf plucking and wire lifting to increase airflow and sunlight in to the canopy and reduce the need for fungicide applications.
  • Composting of marc from our winery, which is spread under the vines to increase soil carbon levels and improve soil flora and fauna.

At the winery:

At our winery in Molong, we also:

  • Minimise water use each year in the winery.
  • Plant trees to reduce waste water runoff.
  • Have installed a Nitrogen generator (rather than relying on an external provider).
  • Have installed energy efficient lighting around the warehouse and winery.

In July 2010, we became a full member of Entwine Australia for our winery and vineyard sites. We were also recognised for our approach to sustainability at the 2010 CGU Orange Business Awards, receiving awards in agribusiness, environmental sustainability and water conservation.