Vintage Reports

Our vintage reports provide insight into each vintage and the unique characteristics the weather conditions provide to your favourite wines. Picking each block is timed to the hour. When you’re dealing with fruit of this quality, yesterday was too early, tomorrow is too late.


Established in 1995, the 508-hectare Cumulus Estate vineyard is one of the largest single vineyards in NSW. Traversing both the Orange and Central Ranges wine regions, it gently rises and falls across a range of elevations and slopes above and below 600 metres, making it one of Australia’s few dual appeallation vineyards.


We are proud to be one of the first New South Wales wine producers to achieve full membership of Entwine, and continue to preserve our natural resources and minimise our environmental impact on our vineyard and winery.

Our vineyard is 100% drip irrigation, we monitor soil moisture to understand the level and depth in the soil. Use multi-function equipment helps reduce soil compaction and diesel use.

We maintain inter-row ground cover, to reduce erosion and soil compaction and re-use composted grape marc as mulch, to spread under the vine. Sheep are brought into the vines in autumn & winter to keep the grass down, reduce slashing and diesel and soil compaction.

Our Wine Regions

Our Wines are sourced from the very best Australian wine regions across New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.
From our home in Orange to the vineyards of Margaret River, Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley to name a few.

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Margaret River
Clare Valley
Adelaide Hills
Longhorne Creek
Central Ranges